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Learn More About the Child Support Process

In our more than 25 years of family law, at Strich Law Firm, we have encountered every child support situation possible. In general terms, the payor wants to minimize their obligation and the payee wants to maximize the child support amount that they are receiving. New Jersey has fortunately developed child support guidelines that take out some of the guesswork and opportunities for conflict out of the equation. However, there are definitely exceptions to the rule. For example, in cases in which there are children from another marriage or relationship. Also, New Jersey law has special provisions regarding child support into college years. In our practice, we try to emphasize what makes the most sense for all parties involved, especially so that the children's interests are taken into account. If you have questions about child support, contact an attorney well-versed in New Jersey child support laws.

When determining the amount of child support to be paid, a number of complex factors are taken into consideration. Unlike with some states, New Jersey has guidelines designed to remove some of the guesswork and opportunities for conflict.


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While New Jersey's guidelines can remove some uncertainty from the child support process, there are exceptions to the rules. Children from another marriage and college-aged children fall under special rules.


Strich Law Firm P.C.'s primary goal is to emphasize what makes sense for all parties, but specifically to make sure that the child's interests are carefully considered.

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