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Divorce Representation - Tough Litigation

A divorce often turns sour. Couples fight about everything from the dining room table to custody of the children. There is even more at stake when the couple has significant property, assets, income, or debts. At times like these, you need a divorce/family law attorney who will ease some of the stress by fighting for you and protecting you and your children.  


Unfortunately, even after a divorce, disputes arise.  Strich Law Firm PC often represents clients in these situations, such modification of alimony and/ or child support, custody, visitation, co-habitation, college decisions and costs and illness/disability. A key aspect for success in post-divorce or post-separation matters is any change of circumstances.  Strich Law Firm knows how to prove or disprove such change of circumstances.


Strich Law Firm, PC does not litigate to generate fees. Rather, Strich Law believes in helping you set realistic legal goals and talk about settlement options.    Where the other party is not reasonable, Strich Law Firm will litigate vigorously and assertively on your behalf.


At Strich Law Firm, our family law attorneys have a high success rate in winning disputed issues and settling divorce cases on a positive basis. We take creative but forceful and practical legal positions. We are detail-oriented, which includes providing sophisticated analysis of monetary issues. We prepared thoroughly for motions during the pendency of your case and for your trial.  When you come to us with your divorce and family law concerns, we will:

High Success Rate

DCPP (Division of Child Protection & Permanency) (formerly DYFS)

Pre-Marital/Pre-Nuptial, Post-Marital/Mid-Marriage Agreements

Family Disputes, such as parent-child, siblings, step-parents & child, college, disputes within intact families, emancipation


Other Family Issues include:

  • Explain how we would approach winning your case from a litigating perspective

  • Help you determine what you can realistically achieve

  • Learn what is not legally plausible or prudent

  • Assist in developing necessary documentation to win your case

Our creative, problem-solving attorneys will make your divorce or separation as painless as possible.

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The divorce lawyers at Strich Law Firm are creative problem solvers and will help make your divorce or post-divorce/separation as painless as possible. Our family law attorneys will strongly pursue your rights and interests in court unless we can achieve a favorable settlement for you.