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Employment and Labor Law

Employment law is a very complex area of the law involving both federal and state statutes. An experienced employment and labor law attorney at Strich Law Firm, P.C. can help you navigate these complex laws and explain your legal rights and options.  Strich Law Firm, P.C., Kingston, New Jersey, have been representing both employers and employees in the areas of employment and labor law for over 30 years. nt law, so you can explore all available options.

Discriminated against in the work place or allegations of discrimination against you? Wrongfully demoted or terminated? Sexually harassed? Trade secret violations? Wage and hour disputes? Hampered by a non-compete agreement or employee violation of a non-compete agreement? Employment or severance contract? Strich Law Firm, P.C. can help you.

What employees need to know

Have questions on how to terminate an employee without repercussion? How to handle employee disputes? Requirements of the law for wages, family leave, disability, etc.? Obligations under a union contract? Need to start up or form a business? Acquire or merge with a business? Set up a partnership? Negotiate a contract? Need employment policies? Strich Law Firm P.C. can assist you.

What employers need to know

Know employment and labor laws


•Employment Agreements

•New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD)

•Trade Secrets


•Wage and Hour

•Labor Union

•Employment Discrimination

•Civil Rights Act

•Equal Pay Act

•Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

•Terminable at Will / Employment At Will


•Severance Agreements

•Age Discrimination

•National Labor Relations Act

•Wrongful Termination or Demotion

•New Jersey and Federal Family Medical Leave Acts (FMLA)


•Disability - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


•Employment Mediation and Arbitration

•Union Contracts


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Whether you are an employer or an employee looking for an experienced employment law attorney in Central New Jersey, you can count on us to represent your interests. We provide negotiation, advice, mediation, and litigation in the following areas:

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