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Understand Your Employment Offer

In New Jersey, even job offers come with legal strings attached. It's important that you understand some of the key legal aspects of your employment offer. Firstly, understanding the contract itself is absolutely necessary. Next, you need to grasp the laws that pertain to your contract. We can help untangle your contract.

Is your employment contract written or oral? What do the terms say regarding your salary? Benefits? Severance options? Misunderstanding any of these terms could leave you without options if you're terminated.


Strich Law Firm, P.C. will help you unpack your contract and understand any terms and options so you're fully informed about your rights.

Find help when dissecting your employment offer

The terms of your contract may have been developed or modified due to ongoing changes in legislation.


If you have questions about any of the laws that informed your contract, turn to Strich Law Firm, P.C. and get all the information you need to fully understand the terms and provisions in your offer. Then you can make a comfortable choice regarding the job.

Explore legislation related to your contract

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